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Dale Fielder Reviews


DFQ Concert Performance @ Lenoir-Rhyne College 01/02/2008 Joseph Dorsch Reflections

Dale Fielder Quartet
Live at Lenoir-Rhyne College
February 1, 2008

I would like to begin with the statement that is not a review, this is a personal reflection. If you are looking for something otherwise, please look else where. I would also like to add they I am friends with the Dale Fielder quartet (DFQ), so yes, this could be biased.

On Friday, February 1, 2008, at approximately 8:00pm, the DFQ took the stage: Dale Fielder, saxes (SATB), Jane Getz, piano, Edwin Linvingston, bass, and Thomas White percussion. After a few brief announcements by Mr. Fielder, the band takes off on his composition “Wizard’s Lair.” From the downbeat I knew it was going to be a moving concert-I could tell from the 1st note alone. I’ve heard this group on records, and now I get the see it, feel it, and hear it right in front of me. I will spare you, the reader, a synopsis on every tune, but let me tell you this-the group was communicating with each other with seemingly effortless stride. Those of you who play as well as listen, you will understand how important this skill is. Without this commodore, a group will remain just that-a set of separate individuals doing their own ‘thing.’ No one is listening, and if they are listening, they do not care. When a group is gelling like the DFQ was on this night, the group became a single cell organism. Each member had a responsibility, but not to themselves as individuals, but as a part of this single cell. The music communicates well beyond mere dots on a page, passed air columns vibrating. I was happy to be there for this event!

As I sat and watched, listened, and felt, I began to notice that my foot would not stop tapping, by head would not stop nodding. I was not consciously doing this to look ‘hip’, nor faking it to make myself believe I was feeling things that were not real. I’ll tell you something else, being there made me want to practice my ass off! I also yearned for my baritone sax (which Dale Fielder actually borrowed for this concert). I wanted to communicate just as this quartet was communicating. Hearing people who have mastered their craft is an awing experience. At the same time, it also made me feel a bit guilty that perhaps I was not working hard enough.

Just as soon as it started, BAM!, it was intermission. Already people were commenting on the quality and the music, and yes, even a few people on how much it moved them. I was proud of having these guests on our campus to perform-clear from LA to Hickory North Carolina. I knew that the 2nd set was a premier of sorts of a new suite, and I was ready for the lights to dim again so the journey could continue.

If you are still reading this, God bless you, and thank you for bearing with my ramblings! The house lights did eventually dim, and I knew it was time for the 2nd set to begin. The DFQ takes stage again, and Dale Fielder announces that they are about to play the new suite, “Light and Shadow.” It begins with a wash of sweeping sounds, and the 4 members become once again a single celled living organism. Several movements with interlude solo passages for each was the construction of this beautiful suite. I cannot tell you how many voices I heard in this music. Ellington, Pharaoh Sanders, and Coltrane-the list could easily go on, but this was definitely HIS music, not a mere copy or tribute to those who came before him. As the last bit of sound reverberated in the hall and the applause began after the suite it was clear that this concert-as far as I was concerned-was a smashing success. I was physically spent, and I wasn’t even playing, it came from the pure energy of the group. Like all great music, the live representation always seems to go to great heights. Days later, people are still commenting on the concert-the concert of the year as far as most people are concerned. I give thanks to the DFQ for making the trek to our fair college, and for giving of themselves on that special night of music. I wish I could put this experience into better words, but I must confess, my head is still swimming from the energy, and alas, this is my first attempt at a reflection.

Peace be with you,
(Asalaam malekum)

Joseph Dorsch
Administrative Assistant & Recording Technician
Lenoir-Rhyne College School of Fine Arts
LRC Box 7355
Hickory, NC 28603
Phone: 828.328.7147
Fax: 828.328.7037

"To live creatively, we must lose our fear of being wrong." ~Joseph C. Pearce